Hotelboat holiday cruises from Bywater

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Hotelboat holiday cruises from Bywater
Hotelboat holiday cruises from Bywater

Hotelboat holiday cruise


While away your days on your hotelboat holiday watching the scenery and wildlife drift slowly by. Or if you�re feeling more energetic walk the towpath, explore the local area or a helping hand at the locks is always welcome. Sample the delicious food that is freshly prepared on board and enjoy being looked after by experienced and welcoming crew. Relaxation is the aim of this hotelboat holiday and where better than a world far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We look forward to seeing you soon!

John and Hanna


There was at one time over 2000 miles of man made waterways in England and Wales and for over 70 years around the turn of the 19th century, they ruled supreme as the best means of transporting goods and raw materials as part of the growing needs of the industrial revolution.
Built for commercial use by private companies the gauge of the canal network varies between different canals, however the majority of the network was designed for boats 70ft long and just 7ft wide. These narrow boats are unique to England and Wales and the narrow canals they cruise offer a wonderfully intimate surrounding, very different from the broader landscape of rivers or the European Canals. Commercial carrying has now more or less ceased and leisure is now the main use, although many of the traditions that existed during the days of the working boats continue, the most obvious being the colourful livery of the boats and the bright decoration of roses and castles and brass ornaments. We are proud to continue the traditions of cargo carrying pairs using skills that would have been passed down generations of working boatmen to the modern day. The canal network was and still is a feat of engineering and provides today, not only a wonderful way of exploring the countryside between towns but an insight into the unique culture and heritage of a world all but forgotten.
For more about canals Check our Waterways Glossary.

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