Bywater for a luxury canal holiday.

Bywater Luxury Canal Holidays.

Bywater Luxury Canal Hotelboat Holiday Cruises

- Relaxed days of canal holiday cruising� cosy nights aboard.


Across the countryside there is an intricate network of Backwaters and Byways that pass through some of the most varied and scenic countryside to be found in The British Isles.

The passage of time has mellowed these historic thoroughfares and they now provide the perfect way to relax and escape the hectic pace of life in the 21st Century. Down isolated lanes and beneath hump back bridges to which the speeding motorist gives not another thought is a world full of interest, activity and colour that has little in common with cars commuters or computers. This is your chance to enjoy a superior luxury canal holiday in the rural lands of England and Wales.

Bywater for a luxury canal holiday.

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What better way to experience and explore the varied landscape of the inland waterways than by the comfort of our traditional pair of luxury canal holiday hotelboats, Kerala & Karnataka. With full ensuite facilities in every cabin, experienced crew, large viewing windows and a passion for delicious food, we provide up to eight guests with the comfort and service one would expect in a well-run family hotel, but with a different view from your cabin window each morning.

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